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Secrets to achieving 6 pack abs fast.


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There are only two things that you need to do in order to achieve your 6 pack abs. the first is to watch what you eat. And the second is to focus on your exercise program. if you apply a high degree of focus and motivation along with a dose of discipline to both areas then you can achieve a flat stomach within 12 weeks.

This is arguably the most important element of your campaign to achieve six pack abs. There is little point in having a perfect set of flat abs which are simply covered by a thick layer of fat, in order to prevent this you need to follow two basic rules:

  1. Rather than having three meals a day try and break up your eating regime into five or six smaller meals. This will immediately have the effect of increasing your metabolism.
  2. I'm afraid you going to have to simply stop eating the food which are converted into layers of fat. This will include carbohydrates like bread and pasta, the foods high in sugar like desserts and candy, and finally fast foods like burgers and chips which contain high levels of hydrogenated fats.

You’ll need to replace these bad eating habits with ones that support your objective of achieving great abs. For a starter you’ll need to start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables along with fresh lean meat like chicken or fish. Increase you intake of protein and start drinking copious amounts of water to regularly flush through toxins. Without these changes to your lifestyle you’ll never achieve a pair of hot abs.

How should you change your exercise habits in order to achieve your goals? As a starter on top of your abs workouts you’ll need to incorporate a degree of cardio-vascular and potentially some work with the weights. If you can keep up this regime about 3 times a week you’ll start seeing fast results.

What’s your favorite cardio exercise?

It doesn’t really matter what you choose as long as you do it for long enough to elevate your heart rate. The latest scientific research suggests cardio workouts are best done in bursts. So may decide to walk on a treadmill for a few minutes followed by a sprinting burst for 15 seconds and maybe repeat this 10 times. If you carry this on 3 times a week, you're absolutely on your way to success

Incorporating weight training into your fitness regime is an excellent long term investment. This is because for every pound of muscle you add to your physique you increase you metabolism by a significant degree. For illustration 3 pounds of extra muscle burns the equivalent number of calories to a 1 mile jog, and this is while your resting watching the TV.

The final and probably the most important type of exercise for Abs is obviously your actual abs workout and exercise plan. There are a huge number of different ab exercises that you can do and you should aim to incorporate them into the plans at least 3 times a week. Try ensure you zoom in on 3-4 types of exercise you enjoy and ensure you mix them up in order to exercise the full range of stomach muscles.

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